RDP Sessions

Xmanager allows users to manage XDMCP, Xstart sessions as well as Xshell and Xftp sessions conveniently in one location. Starting in Version 7, users can also create, launch, and manage Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) sessions directly from within Xmanager.

How to Create an RDP Session:

  1. Open Xmanager

  2. Point to ‘New’ under the ‘File’ Menu and select ‘Xmanager RDP Session.’
    Result: A new session properties box will appear.

  3. In the ‘Session’ field enter the session’s name. Enter characters suitable for a file name.

  4. In the ‘Host’ field enter the name or IP address of the Windows device you want to connect to.

  5. In the ‘Port Number’ field enter the listening port of the remote desktop you want to connect to. The default port is 3389.

  6. Under [Login] enter the remote desktop’s username and password.

  7. Click ‘OK’ to save the session.

  • Note
    You can adjust the window size in the Display tab. If Smart Resizing is selected, the screen will be enlarged/reduced depending on how you adjust the window size. Color depth can be set in Color Quality.

How to Run an RDP Session in a New Window/New Tab:

  1. Open Xmanager

  2. Select Xmanager RDP in the Session Manager.

  3. Right click the RDP session file you want to run from the Xmanager RDP session list.

  4. From the context menu, select ‘Open in new window’ or ‘Open in new tab.’

  • Note
    If a session is opened via a mouse double-click, the session file opens in either a new window or new tab depending on the select default open behavior. The default open behavior can be changed under ‘Tools’ -> ‘Default Open Behavior.’